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G A T H E R E R .

It all started when…

In 2012 I decided I was done with working late nights in hospitality, and made a very bold move for someone living in a town of 250 people, and also for someone with no formal cooking training.  

I bought a food caravan... 

I decided to make quality homemade food, and to offer what I hoped to be the best coffee on the coast, for the people passing through my tiny village on the tourist crazy Glacier Highway.

Four years later, discouraged by the wet west coast weather and her influence on my ability to trade in a caravan, I bought a tiny black cottage opposite my food caravan's site.

After extensive renovations, I opened the doors to my beautiful Gatherer Wholefoods Coffeehouse in February 2016.

The food focus slowly changed over the years, evolving with myself & my interests and understanding.  I was then diagnosed with post-traumatic osteo-arthritis in my spine, a lifetime sentence of pain & inflammation at the age of 35, so decided nutrition was the key to managing this for me. 

Gatherer too, made a change to a plant-rich whole foods focus. Using local or close to local and organic produce where possible. We try to limit allergens and make a variety of beautiful fresh food that is friendly for most, and in 2018 became entirely gluten-free.

Never one to have a solo focus,  I have embarked on another journey recently, to develop my knowledge with regard to this nutritional shift and to satisfy my desire to help others in similar situations. I am currently studying to become a qualified nutritionist & naturopath and in 2020 plan to transfer my previous studies towards bachelors degree in natural medicine.


we will no longer be trading as a coffeehouse.

We will open our doors from December through to March, to offer plant rich cooking classes to the public. Open to locals and tourists alike, we are hoping to give people the chance to learn about beautiful fresh plant rich food by making their own lunch, a wee treat and some takeaway goodies for the road, all while relaxing in and enjoying our garden and beautiful little space.

As always thank you for your support, I am so grateful for everyones continued love as always...