Friends, you may have read my posts about my recent holiday to Bali, and my utter shock at the number of sick and injured dogs on the streets.

Yes, there are people in Bali with good hearts that are doing their best to help these little guys, but they need our help. Vet care is not cheap, as we all know...

So please, donate here, any amount at all is appreciated.  If we can help just one dog, I will be so happy...but not as happy as the wee pup in Bali that can finally eat, sleep somewhere warm and be loved.



Hi lovely folk...

Welcome to Gatherer's new creative outlet and inspirational space.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to have a wee look, and see what I am all about. 

It is all very new minimal, beige right now, but I imagine it will all start changing shape and evolving, as the seasons pass, and as I continue on my late wee adult mission to learn more and more about leading a modest, simple, clean & kind life much like our grandparents enjoyed. I am certainly in the right part of the country to feel as such a life is easily within my reach...

I am looking forward to sharing all of my happenings, and goings on with you.  I am hoping that you to will be inspired to make a shift, or a tiny change, try something new, leave something out of a meal, buy an ingredient you cant pronounce but you know is good for you,  plant something, raise something and live like Gwendoline...(thats my Grandma, you will hear a lot about her I imagine, she was pretty amazing).

This isolated rural soul, is absolutely super excited to now have a platform to share with others, and is also ridiculously grateful for your time, support & company here.

Alisha x