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In this workshop we will focus on how to create beautiful salads, all dairy free, gluten free, rich in plant nutrients. We will create some grain free and raw, and some showcasing beautiful whole grains 🖤

We will also cover a number of versatile and simple dressings, accompaniments, also quick pickled veg, and briefly touch on fermentation.

During this workshop, we will also cover the crafts of soaking, activating and sprouting various seed, nuts, grains and explain the benefits of doing so.

We will have a wee drink on arrival, and throughout the day we will be tasting and snacking on what we create.

You will also get a recipe booklet to take home of our most popular salads, as well as a few other goodies we make during the day also.

I would love you to come and join me to, learn the basics of how to cultivate a beautiful plant-rich lifestyle 🌱

A full refund will be given if cancelled before 5 days prior.

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